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Alliance Report - Manufacturing & STEM Skills in Gloucestershire  - 27 April 2012

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have been created ‘to provide the clear vision and strategic leadership to drive sustainable private sector-led growth and job creation in their area.’ On 6 April 2011, Gloucestershire LEP was launched on the basis of a proposal that included among its four priorities ‘connecting education and skills with the needs of business and the local economy – ensuring the ready supply of talent and, and attracting and retaining young people’. Recognising the significant manufacturing presence in the area, Gloucestershire LEP has established an ‘Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing’ Group.

This paper has been written at the behest of this group, to support efforts by local partners to foster closer connections between education and skills providers and manufacturing employers and to ensure that that this highly productive sector has access to the skills it needs. It has been written in advance of a workshop on 24 April 2012, which will focus on identifying the employment and skills challenges facing the industry and good practice in promoting STEM learning and progression into the industry.

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Manufacturing & STEM Skills in Gloucestershire Event - Somerset College, 24th April 2012

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